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Transforming ideas into tangible results

Our award winning digital agency can help you get to the top with our web marketing expertise


Step into our agency, where we transform ordinary brands into extraordinary ones.  With a touch of our 4 decades of expertise, we create interactive websites and create marketing strategies that send your brand in an explosion of success.  Check out our work and view some of our brilliant projects. 


Non Profits web and SEO

Fully customizable websites

Drupal and CiviCRM masters

Donation platform expertise

Email creation and list building

Website builds


Google ad buys

Campaign deliverables 


Full SAAS platform builds

CMS systems from start to launch

Saas platforms from start to launch

CDN platforms from start to launch


Small Business Web and SEO

Small business set up.


Branding from digital to print.

Strategy for success:

Email list building

World building


Google ad buys

Google analytics

and more.

SEO Strategy

We will be taking complete responsibility for your website starting from error fixation, updates on websites, keywords ranking, Social media presence, etc. We excel in promoting and increasing the visibility of a website in various search engines, which directly helps in increasing revenue for the website.

Our Team strictly follows White-hat techniques so that major search engines won't get a chance to penalize your website. The works are done manually and organically so that our clients will get organic and natural results.

Please find some of the major steps performed by our Team while promoting a Site:

  • In-depth analysis to find out the technical errors.

  • Competitor & keyword analysis to find out the best set of keywords for your Site.

  • The content-based link-building process will be initiated.

  • Both on-page & off-page will be carried out to make your website more productive and spam-free.

  • Regular updates on various social media networks will be incorporated for brand promotion.

We offer several other services for your website which will help you to get better visibility and online presence. Feel free to write us back for any further queries or details.

We will be looking forward to your response.

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UI/UX Design

Designing a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) layout involves a systematic process to create an effective and user-friendly interface for digital products. Here's a step-by-step process Shudan Design LLC will use as a guide to our clients' UI/UX layout process:

  1. Research and Planning

  2. Wireframing

  3. Visual Design

  4. Usability Testing

  5. Responsive Design

  6. Final Design

  7. Quality Assurance

  8. Launch and Post-launch Evaluation

The UI/UX process is often iterative, with feedback and testing occurring at various stages to create a user-friendly and effective layout. Collaboration between designers, developers, and other stakeholders is crucial for a successful outcome.

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